Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Captain: for Illustration Friday


His eyes dull and weathered. His skin tanned and leathered by the sun. On the open waters, he was a god. On shore, just another wino with a sad story to tell. He longed for the days on the high seas, but after his battle with Mother Nature, his ship was no more. He was then sentenced and reduced to the shipyard, selling small catches of fish caught at the end of the pier (and the bottle) with his stolen Wal-Mart Zebco 717 pole. All he had left were memories of sunsets over infinite horizons, and an old hat he found one hazy morning washed upon the shore.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Pussy Cat Song

Trust me, this song is really about a cat.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Art Space

This week I will be starting my student teaching experience at a charter school called ArtSpace. It seems like so long ago when the idea ever hit me to become an art teacher. I guess that I have been a teacher in some capacity for a while, just not at a school where I give grades, detentions, parent conferences, etc.
I am a little nervous, but still feel comfortable as I am very familiar with being in an education environment and working with kids. I am really excited, and happy that I found my way to Mars Hill College. Unlike at Ohio State, I feel like I am more than a number who pays tuition on time, I am a real person who has a life outside school. Anyway, they've been good to me, and I feel really supported as I enter my internship.
Your Chance
I am excited to be out in the world and spreading a positive message using my artwork. I know teaching is a hard job, doesn't pay that well, is very beaurocratic, and stressfull. But, it is an important job, and I like how no two days are ever the same, thanks to all the fresh ideas (or rotten drama) kids bring off the ol'yeller bus every morning.

If I can keep just one kid from looking like this.....
Trap will all be worth it.
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Always a student. Always a teacher. Live. Love. Laugh.

You Cannot Hide