Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Blog Or Not To Blog....

Over the holiday my sister Cindy, who shall now be known as "Blog-Ass", spent several hours working on her blog. She has a very interesting life that allows her to travel the world and the seven seas. Sweet dreams are made of these. So when she is home from travelling the world, she recounts her stories through her blog. To me that is what a blog should be about.
However, as my family observed, every time you turned around, Cindy was on the blog. It never failed...make Christmas bread, Cindy's on the blog, preparing a meal, Cindy's on the blog, cleaning up the meal, Cindy's on the blog, having a meaningful round-table discussion about the best fart you ever let...CINDY'S ON THE BLOG!!
It begs the question, where does life end and blogging begin? Even more profound; if a tree fell in the woods, would Cindy be there to blog about it?
In all seriousness, I enjoy blogging myself, however I rarely find the time, or maybe I have the time but I am too lazy to write about how I travelled to the grocery store, and there was a great deal on orange juice.
Maybe I could get a job from Cindy to help write all her interesting stories. She'ld probably pay me just 2 cents! Go ahead!!

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