Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Mexico Christmas

I know it's a little overdue, but I wanted to share some of the good times I had with family in Albuquerque this Christmas.

I stayed with my brother Tim, his wife Michelle, and my nephews in their beautiful southwestern hacienda.

I awoke to snow and horses outside my bedroom winow my first night.

There was also a cool lot nearby with some old car bones.

My brother and I went mountain biking several times. There are vast undeveloped area called public lands right next to the house filled with trails, cactus, juniper bushes, and wild horses.

Here's some decorative architecture. A very fitting image for such a sunny place.

Here's Michelle and the boys on Christmas morning. It was great to be around their excitment for Christmas and relive the excitment I once felt as a child.

My nephew modeling the apron my mom made for him.

Monkeying around at the climbing gym one afternoon.

We went to an ABQ institution, El Modelo, after the climbing gym for some lunch and New Mexican staples; tortillas, and chiles of green and red. It's quite a production and the food is amazing.

Here is Duncan. He loves table scraps, running 30 mph, and chasing Jack Rabbits.

Here is Bunny. She also loves running and sneaking bites off the kitchen counter.

It was a fantastic holiday with family. I'm so glad I could make it. I hope to go back another time when it's warmer.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More fun with stencils

I've revisited the joy of stencil-making lately.

Here's a shadow box/ lantern I made out of a PBR box.

Here's a work in progress...

Abstract Surreal Expression

A little something I'm cookin up.

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